• Hot & Cold Sonic toner anti-aging device combo w/Cellmax serum & Detoxifying Cleansing Cream


  • $1,950.00

  • Description

    It is the best partner for facial care in daily life combined with our Detoxifying Cleansing cream and innovative technology of Cellmax Serum. For optimal results, first Clean the face with our superior Detoxifying cleansing Then apply our Cellmax Face Serum and use the Hot& Cold Sonic Toner Anti-aging Device over the serum.  The device has 4 programs: Hot Compress, Hot Compress with sonic vibration, Cold Compress, Cold Compress with sonic vibration, making the skin look smoother, tighter, and more flexible. • Hot Massage: 42/ 108°F--Increases blood circulation and helps to better absorb skin care products.

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