• An ideal gift for family or friends, our Ultimate Gift Set is the answer to any and every hot or cold therapy use you may need. The gift set includes two pocket packs, one back pouch, one neck and shoulder pad, and one back pad.

Combo set includes: 1 shoulder & neck heat pad, 1 Lower back heat pad, 1 lower back pouch insert, 1 round pocket pad, 1 square pocket pad.

Reusable Hot and Cold Back Pad retains its warmth for up to two hours, easing muscles into more relaxed states. Direct applications of heat can help alleviate muscular pain and provide relief from pain or stiffness caused by tense or sore muscles. The versatile back pad accommodates to your needs by providing instant heat when you need it. To use it as a cold compress, place the PCH pad in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours until thoroughly chilled. It can then be applied to painful, swollen, or injured areas throughout the body. This pad is designed to fit perfectly along your body’s contours, regardless of your position. It is also perfect for travel--you can take it with you anywhere you go! To reuse after heating, wrap the pad around a cloth and submerge in a pot of boiling water. The pad will turn clear once all crystals are dissolved. This indicates that it is ready to be taken out of the water and cooled. Once cooled, it's ready to be used again. After use as a cold compress, chill the pad in the refrigerator until ready for use again. Do not place the pad in the freeze.


Use it hot: Heat is being used as a local, superficial Hyper- thermal effect on the body. It tends to increase the temperature in the body Thereby causing a vasodilation. There is an Analgesic effect along with an increase in the local circulation. As a result of the Calming effect, the tissue relaxes and Muscular spasm is reduced.

 * Headaches * Migraines * Stress * Insomnia * Arthritis or      Carpel tunnel * Stiffness or       Poor circulation * As natural Body       & Bed warmer 

Use it cold: Cold is being used as a local, superficial Hypothermal effect on the body. It tends Cool body tissue thereby decreasing tissue Metabolism.  A vasoconstriction and Analgesia. Pain and swelling reduction is the desired effect.

 * Hives * Fever * Bruise * Migraines (Eye) * Heat Stroke * Sport Injuries * Sun Burns * Nose Bleeds * Foot Aches * Insect Bites * Puffy Eyes * Body & Bed cooler


How to use:

By clicking the coin you released an exo thermal reaction causing the gel inside to crystallize you can either wait for it to heat up or you can shake it and watch it heat up in seconds!