• PCH Reusable Foot Warmer Hot and Cold Pad-


  • $49.95

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  • Description

    The relaxing and soothing heat coming from this pad is also an excellent source of relief of stress. 
    The Foot Warmer provides a wonderful form of relaxation in the comfort of your home or behind the desk. Sturdy plastic straps allow you to wear them as shoes but they feel even more comfortable than slippers. You can even walk on them, once you have activated the pads with a simple click. The foot warmer is the perfect solution to rest and treat your weary feet after a long, hard day at work – whether at home or at the office.
    For those who suffer from cold feet, the Foot Warmer provides instant relief, allowing the soothing warmth to penetrate deep into your feet.
    Excellent for:
    Foot pain relief.
    Blood circulation stimulation.
    Total relaxation.

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